Cat Toys that Develop Emotional and Physical Health

Playing with pets can be an enriching experience for both the pets and the pet parents. Coming to cats and kittens, these felines love to play as they are by nature very playful pets. They are also clever pets which love to interact while they play. Most cats are prone to obesity as their playtime is limited and nap time is unlimited. And hence pet parents have to encourage their pets to play more so that they remain active and keep their weight in control.

What do Kittens Love – Irrespective of what their age or size is, felines always do things that relate a lot to their wilder counterparts. At a very young age, they start to learn survival skills and can be seen stalking and chasing. As they grow big, they also learn how to trap a prey. Most domestic cats might not do it regularly but when it comes to instincts, they can really hunt. So, in a home setting, these cats are seen playing with inanimate objects.

Get Toys that Aid in developing their Instincts – When cats play with toys that develop their instincts, they also exercise better. So, the best cat toys that fall under this category are simulation toys, chasing toys and toys that encourage pouncing, hunting and chasing. There are certain toys that can also be controlled via remote such as a mouse running around the house and is being controlled by the pet parent. This could be a great indoor cat and mouse game. Indoors or outdoors, 15 to 20 minutes of play time every day can do a great deal of help to the cat’s physical and emotional aspects.

Hide and Seek toys – These toys are more satisfying for kittens than any other toys. These toys allow the cats to use their natural intelligence and as they progress through the game they will also improve their hunting skills. Giving the toys to the pets is not enough. Pet parents should also interact and engage with the pets. The session will be more fruitful if the pet owners also participate in the games. At this point, rewarding can also be introduced. However, it should be controlled as the kittens can get used to too many treats which can lead to obesity.

Scratching posts, indoor climbing frames, window perches, etc. are great toys for keeping the cats active. Here at, customers can find a wide range of cat supplies, dog supplies, cat travel accessories, dog travel accessories, cat toys and dog toys.