Making Playpens work for Puppies and Dogs

Many new pet parents think that playpens for pets are containment zones. They believe that their pets need to be left free in and around the house. It is only a matter of time that they will realize the importance of playpens and cages. Thankfully today, there are quite a lot of varieties available such as the expandable crates which are also the bestselling dog supplies. Introducing these crates at a very young age could prove to be very useful for puppies. They will feel more secured while they gradually accommodate themselves into the new surroundings.

Choosing the Right Size – Most pet parents adopt a new born pup and hence choosing the right size is going to be quite tricky. There are two options here. Pet parents can either choose to buy a second hand playpen and resell it as the pet gets bigger or get a crate than can be expanded. Most of these expandable versions come in wooden, metal and plastic. Pet owners can choose as per their budget and also the kind of breed. Breeds that are strong, playful or hyper need a stronger containment option.

Choosing the Right Toys – Playpens are places where puppies and dogs feel at home. And hence it is important to keep them as engaging as possible with some dog toys which also include chew toys, simulation toys, rubber balls, etc. It is also advisable to buy safe toys which do not pose any choking hazards or those that have small parts which can be easily swallowed. Toys also give the pets a reason to play and not just lie around.

Choosing the Right Bed or Mat – The containment crate could also be a comfort zone where it could take rest, sleep or nap a bit. Pet parents can get a comfy dog bed or a simple dog mat which can be used for its nap times. For those who can afford some space, they could actually make a larger play pen and let the puppies and dogs spend time in it while there is no one home.

The puppies will grow up to be responsible dogs and hence playpens will not be of great use when they grow up. These crates will be of great use while housetraining the pups; and will also be safe havens for the little ones until they grow big. Here at, customers can find dog supplies, cat supplies, dog toys, cat toys, dog travel and cat travel accessories.