Tips to Make Cat Travels Safe and Enjoyable

Holidays get better when the entire family travels together including the pets. Cats are probably the best pets one can carry for their camping trips or holidays. However, dogs or puppies, cats or kittens, pet parents have to follow a travel checklist just to be sure. They have to plan this in advance if they are carrying their pets on long distance journeys. So, here is a checklist that will help pet parents have a safe and comfortable journey.

Check with the Vet – Always take the cat for a medical check-up before every long distance travel. The vets can advise on medication or sedatives for the journey. And then there are common medications too in case the pet feels sick during the holiday.

Check the Accommodation – There are certain hotels that have pet restrictions. Always check with the hotel before bringing the pet along or make alternative arrangements for the pets at the destination. The hotel should also be informed in advance about the cat’s arrival.

Check the Safety – Once the family arrives at the hotel, it is important to make it nice and secure for the pet. It is always better to carry the pet carrier that the cat is used to the most. In case, it needs to be left alone, it could be kept in the carrier for a little while just to be safe.

Check the Facility – Call the hotel and find out more whether the room is close to a secured outdoor space where the cat can comfortably go out and litter. There should be no discomfort to fellow guests in the hotel at the same time.

Check the Cat Supplies – Food is very important and it would be great if pet owners can carry food from home. It is not a good idea to introduce a new brand of food at least in the first few days. It is better to find a local store that can immediately supply products such as litter boxes, treats, water, food, etc. If the luggage is not too much, pet parents could also carry its regular things such as food and water bowls, scratch posts, toys, bedding, etc.

Pet parents might want to leave the accommodation neat and tidy especially while dealing with litter and plastic bags. They should be properly disposed and take the help of the hotel staff if needed. Here at customers can find dog supplies, dog toys, dog travel accessories, cat toys, cat travel accessories and cat supplies.