Top Five Training Rules for Puppies and Dogs

Training puppies and dogs could seem daunting at the beginning. But as the pet parents progress through the training sessions with their pups, they will observe that the entire process is quite fun; and rewarding as well for both the pets and their parents. Every pup parent should try to train their pups at a very early age. Regular training sessions can also strengthen the bond between the two. So, here are the top five training rule that every dog parent should stick to:

Start with Shorter Sessions – Puppies do not have a great attention span. They can easily get distracted and it makes no sense scheduling long training sessions for these pups. Experts advise shorter sessions, possibly five or six, and each session not exceeding five minutes. As they start to adapt to the sessions, trainers can gradually increase the time and reduce the sessions.

Take it Slow – Always take the training slow trying to give time to each and every concept whether it is with behaviour, command or obedience training. Start with the basics but in a very peaceful setting. Slowly the training could be taken elsewhere such as a backyard or living room or a kitchen where they could be trained to stay safe.

Positive Sessions – The training sessions should always be conducted only when the pet parents or trainers are in good mood. Pets are very emotional and could react to their trainers’ emotions too. They can clearly understand when the trainer is angry or stressed. The sessions should also end on a positive note and appreciate the pets for their hard work.

Rewarding Sessions - Rewards, treats, toys or a simple cuddle too can motivate them greatly. So, every time a pet obeys the trainer or follows a command, it should be treated with its favourite snack or a toy. At the end of the session pet parents could give a hug or a pat on its head to help him understand that it has behaved well.

No to Punishing - Trainers should always stay away from punishing techniques. It could create a negative environment and pets too can get injured while using the training tools. There are certain pets that could get aggravated or stubborn with these kinds of training techniques.

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