52" Tower Condo Furniture Scratching Ladder Cat Tree

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Comfortable and functional, this cat tree is a magic castle, park and room for your beloved cat. 

The cat tree is suitable for kittens. This cat tree has a strong bearing capacity and high stability. The sisal rope which is covering the cat post, not only can prevent the cat condo shaking, but also can be used for the cat scratch so that your fabric sofa, wooden furniture and shoes can escape from being scratched. Features two viewing platform ,one ladder, one rest room and two hanging mouse toys, this cat tree is perfect for your lovely cat to scratch, climb, jump and rest. 

Don't hesitate, adding it to the cart and taking one home! And then enjoy your relaxing afternoon playing with your little cute with our comfortable 2 layer cat tower!

Durable & stable heavy-duty construction: Main bearing plate is made of e1 grade 0.6 inch's shaving board, 5 high density paper tubes, stable self-standing construction, making our 2 layers cat tree durable and strong enough for 2 adult cats playing together. Am max weight capacity ups to 25 lbs

    • Safe and comfortable: Fully covered with soft skin-friendly short plush cloth, no splinters, won't hurt you and your beloved kitten. Selected e1 grade material, nontoxic and environmental friendly. Natural sisal rope provides a good place for the cat to claw which can protects your furniture from being scratched
    • Beautifully designed with fun activities: With two viewing platform ,one ladder, one rest room and two hanging mouse toys, this cat tower sure will catch your lovely cats' attention and is perfect for them to scratch, climb, jump and rest
    • Whole dimension: 22" x 20" x 52" (L x W x H) large size 
    • Net weight is 31 lbs, ensuring stability even for a naughty kitty
    • Easy assembly: Instruction manual and all necessary tools are included in the package 
    • Probably takes one person about less than half an hour to finish assembly


    • Color: As it shows in the picture
    • Material: Natural sisal rope, soft short plush cover, shaving board
    • Size: 22" x 20" x 52" (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 31 lbs
    • Weight capacity: 25 lbs
    • Package included:
    • 1 x Cat tree
    • 1 x Package of bolts
    • Tools
    • Note:
    • Keep the cat tree dry
    • Keep the cat tree clean for your beloved cat
    • Pay attention to the fire
    • 90 day warranty directly through dropshipper.